AIDS defeated

Maria C. had been HIV-positive for years. The disease had already begun to manifest: her imune system was growing weaker and she suffered from chronic fevers. The viral load in her blood was steadily increasing, while her T4 count was was constantly dropping. A lab test from July 2002 showed that Maria had 10 705 HIV cells per mililiter and 868 T4 lymphocytes per microliter of blood. That October, the stats were worse: 11 309 HIV cells and 598 T4 cells. In December 2002, Maria took a dose of Milax.

Her situation improved rapidly. Lab results from January 2003 showed that the number of HIV cells in her blood fell to 4205, while the numver of T4 cells increased to 622. (Click to view the above mentioned laboratory tests, conducted at Hôpital Antoine Beclere in Paris, France: image 1, image 2).

When we spoke last, Maria was already HIV-free. Because she reluctantly remembers her experience with the plague of the 20th century, we are no longer in touch with Maria today, as is the case with many others we have helped back to health.

S. Holger from Switzerland had a viral load of 66 304 HIV cells per mililiter of blood in December 1996, and this number reached 75 257 HIV cells in February 1997. After using Milax, Holger’s viral load first decreased to 23 478 in March 1997, then temporarily increased to 42 793 in April. A final blood analysis performed in May 1997 concluded that Holger was HIV-free.

The dissappearance of the virus from Holger’s blood was accompanied by an increased percentage of T4 cells and decreased percentage of T8 cells (disease indicators).

The lab test conducted on May 6, 1997 at the Zurich University Hospital (UniversitätsSpital Zürich) which could detect no HIV cells in Holger’s blood sample also found that the T4/T8 ratio was within healthy limits – another indicator of an infection-free body.

(Click to view the above mentioned laboratory findings: image 1, image 2, image 3).

Maria i Holger are among the few once HIV-positive persons who have provided us with the results of lab tests performed before and after they used Milax.

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